Your Author Journey

From blank page to first sale

What Is Your Author Journey?

There’s a lot of good advice for writers out there, but much of it is aimed at people who want to be full-time authors — not at people who want to write a book or two as part of a larger business model.

I created Your Author Journey to help entrepreneurs turn themselves into authors. My role is to help you not only finish your book but to package and publish it so that it represents you and your business the way you want it to — and to do it as efficiently and painlessly as possible.

What does Your Author Journey include?

This program includes an intensive orientation session to organize your book and create your personalized writing system; accountability and feedback as you write; a full developmental edit of your book (worth $3K–$5K alone); and help through the entire self-publishing process and launch.

Milestones in Your Author Journey:

  • By the end of our first session, you’ll have a plan in place and be able to start writing the book you’re meant to write.
  • By the end of the first 100 days, you’ll have a finished, edited manuscript.
  • By the end of our 6-month journey, you’ll have a finished book, professionally packaged, on the market and ready to take on the world!

3-hour Intensive session

How will a book help your business? How will it help your clients? How will it help you? We’ll kick off our Journey with a 3-hour deep dive in which we create a personalized strategy for your book.

We’ll explore your personal and professional goals and how a book will help achieve them. We’ll get clear on who your ideal reader is and how your book will help him or her. And we’ll begin mapping out your narrative—because the best way to stay on track is to know your destination.

By the end of it, you’ll be equipped to start your book-writing adventure!

This phase includes:

  • One 3-hour intensive session over Skype or Zoom.
  • Worksheets that you can fill out during our session to keep you on task. You can refer back to them and revise them as you begin to write.
  • Outline and chapter templates so you can start planning your journey.


Months 1–3

Now it’s time to start writing! Together, we’ll work out a realistic writing schedule for you and create a detailed outline and chapter templates so you stay on track. We’ll have regular meetings to address any problems, and you’ll have unlimited email support from me. I will provide feedback on your writing whenever you need it, and I’ll do a complete developmental edit of your first draft.

By the end of the first three months, you’ll be ready to start the publishing process.

This phase includes: 

  • One 30-minute Writing Strategy Session: We’ll create a strategy for maintaining a consistent writing schedule.
  • Six 30-minute Progress Sessions. We can hold these biweekly or as needed. They’re an opportunity to talk about questions that have come up, overcome blocks, and celebrate progress!
  • Unlimited email support. Questions? Getting stuck? Just send me an email and I’ll get back to you within 24 hours. (If it looks like a question might be more efficiently dealt with face to face, I may suggest we discuss it at our next meeting).
  • Daily email check-ins. These are auto-generated emails from me to you simply asking if you’ve met your daily/weekly goal. All you need to do is hit reply and say yes or no. If too many no’s come in, we’ll address what’s holding you back.
  • Full Developmental Editing. This is a complete evaluation of your first draft and a personalized revision plan based on your readers and your business.


Months 4–6

We’ve come this far—let’s make sure your book makes a smooth landing! I’ll introduce you to the best cover designers, copyeditors/proofreaders, and formatters for your book. Together, we’ll create an Amazon listing that includes an amazing blurb, author bio, and editorial reviews; on the backend, we’ll make sure that you have keywords and categories set so that the right people can find your book.

We’ll also strategize your launch plan, including book bonuses that will have readers excited to sign up for your list. And of course we’ll make sure you have a paperback edition ready to go — not just because it looks more professional, but because it’s so cool to finally hold your book in your hands!

This phase includes:

  • Getting your cover, formatting and final edits underway.
  • One 90-minute launch planning session.
  • One 30-minute Amazon listing session.
  • Self-publishing checklist to help you plan ahead.
  • Bonus: access to my masterclass, List Building for Nonfiction Authors.


Sarah provides very helpful guidance about how to navigate the writing process in a way that inspires creativity while ensuring an author stays practical…. I really liked that she looked at my manuscript as both a creative endeavor as well as a business opportunity. (S)he was constantly providing tips for how to reach out to my audience, build a mailing list/website, and direct readers to my website for more books or programs.

Mary Kay Tam

Author of "The Body Whisperer"

If you are an entrepreneur with a story to tell, and have questions and want to know to proceed — how to develop your story idea into a professional, clean, crisp, body of text that you will be proud to put your name to — then Sarah is the book coach you need. It’s thanks to her that I’ll be publishing my work soon.

If you’re going to put your name to it, don’t let it be unprofessional. Do it right, connect with Sarah. She is gracious and helpful and will get you on your way.

— Jack West

If you were to hire out editing, writing coaching, and publication consulting separately, you’d easily spend $10,000. I want Your Author Journey to be accessible to a wide range of entrepreneurs, however, so I’ve made it significantly less than that.

The investment for Your Author Journey is $6000 or six payments of $1100.


Why a 6-month program?

90 days is a reasonable timeframe to complete a first draft of your manuscript. But it’s important to leave time after that for editing, cover design, formatting, advanced reviews, and a pre-launch period that will build anticipation among your readers. Six months gives us enough time to write your book and launch it.

What if it takes me longer than 6 months to write a book?

First, rest assured that it’s very possible to write and publish a book within 6 months (especially with a coach holding you accountable!). Our goal with this program is to make the writing and publishing process as efficient as possible and to get your book on the market quickly.

But life happens, and sometimes we get thrown off track. I get that, so I’ve built a three-month cushion into the program: you actually have nine months (275 days from the first session) to complete all your sessions and editing. In all probability, it won’t take that long, but just in case, you can rest easy knowing that there’s some leeway.

Does this program cover all the costs of publishing a book?

In addition to personalized writing and publication consulting, this program also provides you with a complete developmental edit (value: $3,000–$5,000). Services such as formatting, cover design and proofreading are not included because I want you to have the freedom to choose the providers best suited to your book and your budget. I will introduce you to providers that I trust, but you are also free to choose your own.

Should I build a platform and then write a book, or write a book to build a platform?

Either way can work. If you’re just getting started, a book can be a great way to draw attention to your business, build your list, and give you a reason to reach out to podcasters, influential bloggers, and the media. And if you already have a platform, you can use it to market your book to an even wider audience.

If you’re not sure whether a book is right for your now, feel free to book a discovery session, and we can discuss whether a book is right for your current stage of business.

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