Today, guest poster Caroline Black shares tips about using social media. Caroline is a writer and a blogger for Culture Coverage, where she writes about culture and entertainment in the digital age. She also spends time researching the very best marketing techniques. She hopes you’ll be able to use these strategies as you promote your next book!

There are over 2.3 billion social media users who log in to their accounts on a regular basis. That many people on just a handful of different sites means a LOT of potential to market your book.

Promoting your work on social media isn’t difficult, but it can become time-consuming if you’re not careful. Since not all methods of promotion work for everyone, you’ll have to be diligent and figure out which platforms work best for your book.

You’ll also want to be careful not to over-promote your book to the point that you become a nuisance. This task may sound tricky, but being a daily social media user myself who has had the opportunity to promote my name online, I’ve found there are a few ways to promote your work successfully—without being a jerk about it.

Create Your Accounts

First, you’ll need to create social media accounts that are going to be used specifically for promoting your book and interacting with potential customers. Those accounts will be especially useful on websites such as Facebook, as people will be able to find your page (rather than your profile) more easily when they do a keyword search. Additionally, mixing too much of your personal life in with your business can sometimes drive people away from your product. (Potential readers probably aren’t interested in your amazing breakfast.) Once you have your social media pages in order with plenty of relevant content, it’s time to promote your work.

For starters, social media users who stumble upon your pages usually want to see that your accounts are active. That means you’ll need to put the work in with daily posts. Otherwise, potential followers may pass by your page without giving it a second glance.

Once you get things going, you might consider investing in social media management software to help you keep up with your social media marketing campaign and better see what’s working and what’s not. Some software will also post to all of your social media pages on your behalf at whatever time of day you choose. All you’ll need to do is write out the post in advance and schedule it.

Be Engaging

Photos, videos, and questions can help bring your page to life and give visitors more insight into what you’re offering them.

Ask yourself why someone might need to read your book over someone else’s. What does it bring to the table and why might someone want to buy it? What inspired you to write your book? Can it help others in some way?

By digging deep and providing just enough information without giving the entire plot away, you’ll be more likely to attract customers. It’s true that you can’t judge a book by its cover, so let potential customers get a taste of what they can look forward to when they purchase your book.

Posting relevant content on your page allows you to post on a regular basis without making visitors feel spammed by a sales pitch. Articles and reviews can be helpful, and a lot of potential customers are bound to search for a great review or two on your book before they’re willing to spend their cash.

You could also post about any special deals on your book, and promote related contests, giveaways or discounts. For example, think about offering a 10 percent discount once you acquire a specific number of followers and try to persuade current followers to share your page with their friends to unlock the discount. Or offer a single-copy giveaway, which is likely to attract new followers. Just ask for your post to be shared for followers to obtain entry into the giveaway (on Facebook, you can also ask people to tag their friends in the comments).

Staying Safe on Social Media

The last thing you want to happen when you get all set up is to have your accounts get hacked. Potential followers will quickly lose interest if they see that your page is spreading a bunch of spam or malicious hyperlinks.

Another thing you’ll want to avoid is sharing the location you’re posting from. You never know who could be accessing that information and sometimes when you post to social media, your location can be shared by default (especially when you post from your mobile devices). Before posting from your smartphone or tablet, make sure your location settings are turned off and protect your personal information with some security software.

Public networks can be risky, as it’s easier to get hacked while using them. That being said, if you have the proper software, you can post from anywhere without much to worry about. Consider using both an anti-virus program and a Virtual Private Network (VPN) service to stay protected while promoting your work. It can prevent hackers from gaining access to your accounts and also allow you to hide your IP address, which is what tells other users your location while you’re online. If you’re looking for more information, this review from Secure Thoughts might help.

Paid Promotion

Paid ads on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram can help you promote your book without becoming annoying. (Just be careful to stay within budget; Facebook’s paid advertising options, for example, can quickly become expensive).

Many ads are just shown on the side of the page on Facebook so they aren’t any bothersome pop-ups that can interfere with anyone’s social media experience. Yet they do still get noticed, and it may be one of the best options (although it doesn’t have to be a permanent solution) for you if you’re in the early stages of promoting your work.

Have you successfully promoted your work before on social media or do you have any additional tips you can share with our readers? Do you have any questions? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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