Part 2

Check it out—Baby’s first vlog. I just finished up an intense editing job and felt like getting away from the written word for a moment or two. Then I went and typed up a summary below anyway.

So, following up on yesterday’s post on getting book reviews before launching, here’s a quick list of what NOT to do:


1. Don’t buy reviews. There are services that do this, but they violate Amazon’s TOS (plus—how tacky!)

2. Don’t ask family members to review your book; Amazon knows everything about you and they will delete reviews that come from people who share your address even if you have separate accounts.

3. Don’t ask anyone who has a “financial interest” in your book (anyone you’ve paid or who could make money from sales—publisher, designer, editor, etc.) to leave a review; this is also against Amazon’s TOS.

4. Don’t ever argue with a review, no matter how idiotic and misguided.

5. Don’t ever leave a review for a competitor’s book either trashing their book or promoting your own, and don’t ask anyone to do that on your behalf. (I’ve actually seen this suggested a worthwhile tactic in a popular self-publishing book. It’s tacky, unethical, and could bring the wrath of Amazon down on you. Don’t piss off Amazon.)

6. Don’t worry about the occasional bad review; it’s a cost of doing business. However, if you’re getting consistently poor reviews, you’re either marketing to the wrong people or there is something legitimately wrong with your book.

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