Launch your book on Amazon—and anywhere else!

Too many authors write amazing books, then fail to make the most of them. Why? Because there’s a whole lot more to self-publishing that just selling an ebook through Amazon. And too many self-publishing courses are either written for fiction writers and full-time authors, or they begin and end with Amazon. 

This comprehensive course covers ALL your self-publishing options. It’s designed specifically to help entrepreneurs understand their self-publishing options so that they can focus on their business goals—whether that’s building a list, creating passive income, establishing authority, or attracting new clients. 

Learn how to …

  • Use your book to build your mailing list
  • Publish ebook, print, and audio editions of your book (more formats mean more royalties!)
  • Choose cover designers, editors and formatters (get great work without getting ripped off)
  • Select the best sales platforms for your book and your business
  • Price your book effectively

… And so much more!

Step-by-step videos that walk you through the entire process, as well as a vibrant Facebook group with fast answers to any questions you have. Everything you need to know to turn your manuscript into a book is at your fingertips! 

From Entrepreneur to Author $47

Modules will begin rolling out on Monday, October 3, 2016. This program is currently in beta—so it’s available now at a super-low price! The cost will be going up soon, so don’t wait!

Make the most of your book.

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