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Developmental Editing

My job is to make sure your manuscript communicates your message and delivers an experience to your readers. As your editor, I'll work with you to determine your goals for your book, then provide detailed developmental editing that will ensure your book resonates with its audience.  Specifically, I will provide feedback on:

  • Structure
  • Narrative
  • Consistency
  • Overall flow
  • Creating a clear and well-supported thesis

Feedback will be given in both a written report assessing the general strengths and weaknesses of the manuscript as well as in detailed comments made within the manuscript to address specific areas of concern. I am also happy to discuss the manuscript over the phone or on Skype if you wish.

Rate: $59/hour
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Please note: Developmental Editing does not include corrections of grammar, punctuation, etc., though I will note any consistent stylistic problems or areas for improvement. It is best to work with me as a Developmental Editor before having your manuscript copy edited or proofread. That way, if the developmental edit results in substantial changes, you won't need to have the manuscript proofread a second time.

Copy Editing

I will proofread as described below, but I’ll also go a bit deeper. I will check for consistency of detail in plot, location, and character (for fiction); fact check; flag awkward, confusing, or redundant language; note whether terms or abbreviations need to be explained; note trite or inappropriate language; and bring to your attention anything else I think may interfere with the clear communication of your ideas. Copy editing should ideally come after any developmental or content editing.

Rate: $.0125/word (i.e., $125/10k words) *


I will check for errors of spelling, grammar, punctuation, word usage, and consistency of style, tense, and voice. If your organization uses a style sheet, I will make sure that your document adheres to it. If applicable, I will also check the formatting to ensure consistency of typeface, font size, margins, page numbers, etc. Ideally, proofreading should be the last step before publishing, as any changes to the manuscript (including formatting) can introduce errors.

Rate: $.01/word (e.g., $100/10k words)*

* Although these are the rates I charge 99% of the time, they may be higher if the work warrants it (if, for example, English is not your first language or if you would like to submit multiple drafts).

Sarah did a great job editing my first book. It was a true story and a difficult subject for me to write about. Sarah did exactly what I needed her to do. She gave my story structure, flow and pace, and offered wise counsel when it was needed. Her efforts transformed a merely interesting story into a captivating read.

—Jim Graham

Author of You Could Be Next

Sarah really took the time to think about how the student audience would see my book and what they would need from it. She pointed out several key areas where the manuscript could be strengthened and even suggested whole new ways of doing things which had never occurred to me. The book has been significantly improved, thanks to Sarah’s insights.

—John Henderson

Author of How to Decode Essay Titles: Making Sense of Essay Questions at University

Sarah came up with tons of extremely helpful suggestions that I think really improved the overall flow of the novel. She was prompt in returning the initial and edited drafts to me, and she responded to all my emails usually same day. She was a pleasure to work with. Thanks, Sarah!

—Annabelle Costa

Author of The Time Traveler’s Boyfriend


My editor is the BEST. I'm really glad I found her. She is very careful to respect my voice, and she gets that English is not my mother tongue. She suggests new words/sentences that strengthen the story without changing the mood.

So, big thumbs up to Sarah Barbour! I wholeheartedly recommend her especially if English is not your first language!

—Nathalie Aynie


After seeing only a sample chapter of copyediting from Sarah, I was impressed. She'd taken the time to familiarize herself with the location I was writing about, found an error in the spelling of the location I wouldn't have figured out if you gave me three years, and corrected a variety of missteps I made.

When I got the finished manuscript back, I found the same consistent attention to detail, both in the grammatical and the editorial. She made (extremely) helpful suggestions to make the passages flow better, discovered technical errors, and made the book worlds better. I would recommend her without reservation to anyone who was looking for a careful pair of eyes to check over their work.

—Robert J. Crane


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