How to Write a Business Book—Start with Your Reader

How to Write a Business Book—Start with Your Reader

Over the past few months, I’ve been writing a lot about the publishing side of creating a book, about platforms and marketing and costs, etc. All of which are important … but not as important as writing the actual book. So let’s spend some time talking about that,...

Firehose Syndrome & What Writers Can Do about It

This is something that’s been coming up in conversation and in practice quite a bit recently: what I call Firehose Syndrome. Some writers, especially those who are writing about something they’re really passionate about, totally geek out. They try to show off every...

Ritualizing your writing

Twelve days ago, I started a new book and made it my goal to sit down first thing every the morning and write 1000 words. No fewer, because I want to see progress. No more, because I don’t want to get all fired up, write 10,000 words in a day and then lose all my...

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