Part 3

Last in our 3-part series on book reviews, here are a few extra tips: 

1. Your RELEASE date and your LAUNCH date are not the same. You can *release* a book a few days before you start promoting it (launching) so that reviewers have a chance to get their reviews up. And you can pre-release a book on Amazon up to 90 days before it goes on the market, meaning that customers can order it but won’t actually get it until it’s released.

2. Reviewers cannot leave a review on a Kindle book while it is in pre-release. HOWEVER, you can override that by creating a CreateSpace hardcopy edition and linking it to your Kindle listing. Once it’s linked, you can either take down the hardcopy listing until the book is released or you can leave it up (it will be available for sale). Either way, the review form will remain.

3. Reviewers CAN leave reviews on a Goodreads listing before the book is released, so be sure to set one up for your book.

4. Don’t rely on a publisher (if you’re working with one) to do this for you. Get clear on exactly what they’ll do for you to drive reviews and be prepared to do at least some (probably all) of this yourself.

5. Reviews do not carry over from Amazon US to Amazon UK. If you’re marketing to both, look for reviewers in both countries.


It’s not too late. Go back to Part 1 and start at the top. Edit your book (if necessary) to include a reason to opt-in to your list, give out free review copies, follow up with readers, etc.

If you’ve launched to serious crickets and aren’t seeing traction of any kind after a few weeks, you can (assuming you’ve self-published) always take the book off the market and re-list it once you’ve got a better marketing plan lined up.

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