Let’s get that book out of your head and into the world.

Writing a book doesn't have to be difficult.

But when you have a million other things clamoring for your attention, when the publishing process seems overwhelming, when you're an entrepreneur first and foremost, not a writer, a coach can help you simplify and streamline the process to make it as painless and efficient as possible.


A book coach can help you …

  • Get laser-focused on your book-writing goals
  • Discover your target readership
  • Design an efficient but realistic timeline to get your book on the market
  • Create a solid outline and a focused manuscript
  • Get you writing and keep you writing
  • Walk you through the logistics of editing, formatting, & cover design
  • Launch that baby into the world

I’m Sarah Barbour

I call myself a Book Coach, rather than a “Writing Coach,” because writing is just part of the equation. Sure, I’ll help you produce a well-written, well-structured manuscript, but even before you get started, we’ll make sure you’re clear on who you’re writing for and what your goals for the book are. Then

  • I’ll help you structure a detailed outline
  • give you tips and tools to make writing easier and faster
  • and keep you accountable to your writing goals. 

Once your book is written, I’ll help you get it on to Amazon (or iTunes or Barnes & Noble or wherever you like).

While we’re at it, we’ll make sure you have an attractive hardcopy—because it’s SO COOL to be able to actually hold the book you wrote and be able to literally put it in the hands of the people who need it most.

What’s it like working with me?

I’m friendly, supportive, and encouraging. I’ll be your best friend and your most devoted cheerleader as you work on getting your book into the world 

I’ll also …

hold your feet to the fire when needed. Your success is my success, and I take that seriously. When you have questions, get stuck, want feedback or just need to bounce some ideas around, I’m here in your corner, ready to help. I’m also ready to hold you accountable to your deadlines, call you on your excuses and make sure you have the support you need to get to the next step.

With Sarah’s support, I was able to bring my ‘author brand’ into focus, brainstorm opt-ins that will help build my readership, build tactics and strategies that support my marketing efforts and ‘next steps’ that will allow me to grow my business to the next level.

—Michaela Wirtz

The Full Package: Coaching + Editing

If you’d like ongoing support before, during, and after you write your book, this is the package for you. Together, we’ll brainstorm about what to write and how to position your book so that it supports your goals for your business. As you being your writing journey, I’ll walk with you, keeping you accountable, giving you feedback as needed, and supporting you as you work.  I’ll bring my editorial experience to bear for a full developmental edit* to ensure your manuscript is strong, clear and targeted to the right audience. And finally, I’ll walk you through the self-publishing process to get your book baby off to the best possible start in the world! This package includes:

  • One 90-minute kickoff session to establish your goals and brainstorm ideas for your book based on your goals and audience
  • Eight 45-minute coaching sessions as needed to review outlines & drafts and help you whenever you get stuck
  • Weekly email accountability
  • Complete developmental edit of your manuscript + ongoing feedback
  • 90-minute session to plan your book launch

Your investment: $2499

Sarah provides very helpful guidance about how to navigate the writing process in a way that inspires creativity while ensuring an author stays practical and doesn’t spend money on things they don’t need. I really liked that she looked at my manuscript as both a creative endeavor as well as a business opportunity.  Regardless of whether we talked by phone or through email, she was constantly providing tips for how to reach out to my audience, build a mailing list/website and direct readers to my website for more books or programs. She reviewed writing style, format, content and provided a better way to organize the sections/chapters of the book.  Her comments really helped to pinpoint the audience/market and overall made the book simpler and “tighter.”  Having just finished the rewrite, I can honestly say the book is better because of her suggested changes. I definitely plan on using Sarah again for my next book and happily recommend her to others!!

Mary Kay Tam

Author of "The Body Whisperer" (forthcoming)

  • This does not include copyediting or proofreading.

Meet-You-Where-You-Are Coaching

If you’re looking for more coaching, less editing, the mid-level service could be for you. Just as we would with the Big Plan, we’ll strategize on how to create content that delights your readers and supports your business. I’ll coach you through the writing stage, keeping you accountable, giving you feedback, offering tips and tools to make writing easier, and chasing down any invisible scripts that are keeping you from your full writing potential. Finally, we’ll go over your launch options to make sure your book gets the best possible start in life.

  • One 60-minute jump-start session to brainstorm your content and goals
  • Six 45-minute accountability & feedback sessions
  • One 60-minute launch planning intensive

Your Investment: $997

Sarah is clearly very knowledgeable about the writing and self-publishing process. She quickly hit on the two pieces my work needs the most — a blog and an outline.She offered just the right amount of encouragement — with a dose of much-needed organizational advice — to get this show, i.e. my book, on the road. She also demolished 3 different invisible scripts of mine, which will help me get to where I want to be faster and better! If you’re writing a book, thinking about self-publishing, or are curious about the writing and publishing world in general, I highly encourage you to reach out to her.

—Shiri Dori-Hacohen

A la Carte

Need a single hour to brainstorm? Maybe a couple of sessions at different stages of writing? Or how about a two-hour intensive to plan your launch? This is a chance to design your own coaching program based on your needs.

Your investment: $147/hr. or four hours for $447

I reached out to Sarah because I’m interested in writing a book but I had no idea how to even start and felt really intimidated. During our coaching call, Sarah outlined some very simple ways for me to start identifying the key points of my book, the audience, and how I could start getting the material together for my book. Instead of feeling intimidated about the idea of writing a book, I now feel that I know exactly how to start.

—Charlotte Jacob

Pragmatic Transformation

Regardless of which coaching package you choose, I require all sessions to be used within 6 months. That’s because you don’t need more than 6 months to write & publish a book. Part of my job is keeping you accountable to your book publishing goals, and that means not letting it drag out longer than necessary.

Intrigued? Sign up for a FREE 20-minute consultation. We’ll talk about your goals and what you need help with, then we’ll decide which package is right for you. There’s no obligation. All packages include:

  • Detailed worksheets to help you determine your book goals and ideal reader
  • Comprehensive self-publishing checklist so you won’t miss any steps
  • Feedback on outlines
  • Weekly accountability check-ins by email