How to Write a Business Book—Start with Your Reader

Over the past few months, I’ve been writing a lot about the publishing side of creating a book, about platforms and marketing and costs, etc. All of which are important … but not as important as writing the actual book. So let’s spend some time talking about that,...

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On Writing, Marketing, and Not Getting Screwed

Last week, Linda Formichelli, author and freelance writer, posted a harrowing story about her experience of hiring a firm to handle the marketing of her most recent book.* She's taken some heat in some quarters, but I applaud her for being brave enough to tell her...

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Can Being a Bestseller Be Bad for Your Book?

It’s time we had a heart to heart about the term “Amazon Bestseller.” I first started noticing the phrase come up on social media about a year ago. “I just released my new book and it’s already a bestseller!!!” some excited poster would say. Intrigued, I’d click...

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How Much Does It Cost to Self-publish a Book?

Someone asked me this question just the other day. It's a tough one to answer because there are so many variables: your budget, your goals, the length and quality of your manuscript, and your willingness and ability to DIY things like cover design and formatting—not...

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Beyond Amazon: Selling Your Book Independently

For a lot of authors, the self-publishing world begins and ends with Amazon. Some adventurous types get as far as alternatives such as Barnes & Noble or aggregators like Smashwords, but the options still boil down to the online version of the big-box retailer. The...

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What is an ISBN anyway, and do I really need one?

Often around the time that authors are exploring CreateSpace, they’re stopped dead in their tracks by the requirement that they choose an ISBN. CreateSpace offers four options, ranging from free to $125, and each option comes with different advantages. Which should...

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Guest Post: Samita Sarkar on Finding Your Publicity Niche

In today's post, guest Samita Sarkar shares the story of why she decided to self-publish and shares her tips on DIY book marketing.  When I first began my book publishing journey, even writing a book seemed like such a lofty goal. But publishing, and then marketing it...

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