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Turning Busy Entrepreneurs into Unforgettable Authors

What would a book mean for your business?

Qualified leads

More credibility

Better marketing

A bigger list

Passive income

… Maybe all of the above? 

So what does it take to produce a book?

It takes some time … though maybe not as much as you think.

It takes a little patience to learn about the publishing process (but it’s not that bad, really).

Above all, it takes a good idea and the will to get it done.


If you’re struggling with any of the above, I can help.

My book, and all of the ideas in it, isn’t sitting in my head anymore. It’s strung together into sentences, and paragraphs, and sections.

It’s a goddamn book.

— Aaron Williams

Sarah Barbour

I’m a book coach, a developmental editor and an author. From blank page to first sale, I’ve worked with dozens of authors to help them turn their ideas into books. Wherever you are on your book writing journey, I can meet you there and take you to the next step. 

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